To mark her 5th year on national digital terrestrial television, RAVE TV is re-positioning its stand in the digital broadcast space as Nigeria’s first so exciting, interactive youth focused television with the relaunch and unveiling of her “New Logo”.

Speaking to journalists at the relaunch, the Managing Director/CEO Inside-Out media Ltd, Agatha Amata said the relaunch was important to “say who we are and to know where we are going”.

According to her, the station which has carved a niche for itself focuses on young people, with the belief that young people should have a voice and be part of the change they need. “They have to be interested to make that change. Rave is like a bigger platform where we’re going to give people the voice not just to express their views but also to be part of the process”.

“The media is extremely powerful and we’re not using it as much as we should. We could change a lot of social ills. As a station we’ve been able to provide that space for youths to express themselves”.

Agatha noted that businesses hardly ever survived the first year due to lack of support and people not ready to invest in businesses that they have not seen progress. “If you’re able to cross the 5 year mark then you’ve just started business. What I learnt the hard way is that people wait to see and nobody is ready to invest in you, which is sad and why a lot of young people cannot take off”.

“You must have backing to be able to run. The biggest challenge is getting support and if you don’t have money, this dream would have died like in the first year. I also thank God that I had some kind of background in the industry for over 20 years, because if you don’t, honestly you cannot survive,” she said.

According to the TV station, other activities to mark the anniversary include:

A Football Re-Match with TVC on the 9th of August at DBI, Oshodi; CSR Initiative themed: “Traffic Safety” on the 15th of August at Odi-olowo LGA, Ilupeju; and a wrap up with a “Mentoring Series” on the 9th of September

The relaunch hosted heads of media agencies, brand managers, content producers and celebrities to a 2 hour luncheon to feel the Rave.

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