Ecobank MySME Growth Series: Expert Highlights Proper Packaging and Basic Certification as Key for Export Success

The Ecobank MySME Growth Series recently featured an expert who highlighted the importance of proper packaging and basic certification for SMEs looking to export their products.

Nduka Udeh, the Managing Director/Chief Executive of Export and Sell Limited, emphasized the need for Nigerian SMEs to ensure that their products are well branded and packaged to meet international standards in order to tap into the potential of earning foreign exchange.

During his presentation on Earning FX By Exporting to USA and Canada, Udeh stressed the significance of considering the nature of products, packaging, shipping arrangements, and utilizing multiple sales channels in the US and Canada.

He pointed out that many foreign markets, particularly the United States and Canada, are interested in Nigerian products, but a lack of proper packaging and necessary certifications often lead to rejection of these products.

Udeh noted that over 70% of food products from Nigeria are held at entry points in foreign markets due to inadequate packaging and certification.

He advised exporters to focus on products that offer maximum profitability, low shipping costs, and effective distribution channels.

Udeh also recommended that exporters familiarize themselves with the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to leverage opportunities in the export market.

Furthermore, Udeh encouraged exporters to take advantage of training and support provided by Ecobank and his firm to navigate the export market successfully.

He highlighted the high demand for Nigerian products in foreign markets and the potential for earning significant foreign exchange.

The Ecobank MySME Growth Series, launched in February, aims to empower SME operators in Nigeria by providing training and resources on various aspects of business operations.

The series covers topics such as accounting, credit, sales & marketing, taxation, and inventory management.

Additionally, articles on increasing sales, advertising ideas, business management practices, case studies, and technology utilization will be provided.

Ecobank also plans to launch an SME Mentorship program to collaborate with successful entrepreneurs, reflecting the bank’s commitment to fostering growth and success within the SME community.

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