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Don’t Throw Away That Gem – By The Nature Nurse

The Nature Nurse

What comes to your mind when you look at the picture below?

At first glance, you definitely see a useless, dirty stone.

It might interest you to know that what you see right there is Diamond in its rough state. A gem worth keeping, right?

Sadly, unless we are being told that what we have there is a gem in our possession, many will throw that stone away without hesitation.

But when these dirty looking stones are cut and polished, you see and appreciate their true beauty, we even yearn to have polished diamond rings, or other diamond accessories.

What Do You See When You Look At People!

Jacob looked at Joseph and saw a great son. Joseph’s brothers looked at him and saw a useless dreamer.

The travelers looked at Joseph and saw a slave. Potiphar looked at Joseph and saw a fine servant.

Potiphar’s wife looked at Joseph and saw a sex mate. The prison officers looked at Joseph and saw a criminal. God looked at Joseph and saw a Prime Minister of Egypt in waiting.

We see differently…

But what God sees in a person is more important…

Never underrate or write off the person next to you.

That person who asks for your help today, may be in a position to help you tomorrow..

The man/Woman you mock, look down on, not in your class, not worthy to be friends with, might end up being more classy than you tomorrow …

The Prostitute you see today might end up being a changed person tomorrow.

The thief you see today can be a changed person tomorrow

The ways of God isn’t the way of man. God blessed Abraham at an old age Moses was a stammerer, yet God used him.

Paul formally known as Saul was a known persecutor of God’s people, yet he eventually became a disciple of Jesus.

Who would have thought or believed that Rahab a known prostitute will find favour with God?

God sees beyond our age, qualifications, background, past life, even the life we live now…

The Rough diamond in the picture is a gem, yet it needs to be cut and polished for you to appreciate its true beauty and worth.

That so called beggar, debtor, prostitute, thief, poverty stricken fellow…, might just be a rough diamond, Yes, A precious gem that needs to be cut and polished..

If you can’t help “cut and polish” a person so to speak, you have no right looking down on them. In due time they will be cut and polished with or without your help…

The next time you are tempted to look down on anyone, remember these rough diamonds you see here. You just might be looking down on a Precious Gem!

A Gem you might later regret not keeping, or cherishing…

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