Dangote Petroleum Refinery Brings Down Diesel Price to N1,000 per Litre

eDangote's Modular Refinery

By Newsshelve Correspondent.

Dangote Petroleum Refinery has once again slashed the price of diesel, now offering it at a reduced rate of N1,000 per litre, down from the previous price of N1,200 per litre.

This latest price cut follows a previous reduction by the refinery, where diesel was sold at N1,200 per litre just three weeks ago.

This initial reduction marked a significant drop of over 30 percent from the market price of N1,600 per litre in January.

The substantial decrease in diesel prices at Dangote Refinery is expected to immediately impact cost-push inflation across various sectors of the economy in Nigeria.

This move showcases Dangote Group’s dedication to providing affordable energy products to consumers, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and stimulate economic growth.

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