A-Ibom Syringe Firm Attracts $1m Investment for Product Diversification

By Harris Emmanuel

Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing (JSM) company in Akwa Ibom says it has attracted a princely $1 million investment to diversify into other medical consumables.

Besides, the company said it was also rebranding to become a wholly medical product manufacturing firm.

Managing Director of the company, Akin Oyediran disclosed this in an interview , saying the company would in addition to producing syringes, also manufacture gloves, masks and infusion sets.

“Our investors are investing one million dollars in the company. Because of the level playing field and the advantages provided by the governor, not only have we come in, we are doing other products,” he said.

Oyediran attributed the funding to the growing confidence of the investors in the company , noting that the state government has been able to provide an enabling environment for the growth of the manufacturing sector in the state, which he said included a peaceful environment, good road network and power supply.

He said: “In terms of security, this is the most secured part of the Niger Delta. This is a peaceful state and we all know that no matter a state is rich, if there is no peace, there will be no business development. The governor has been successful in providing a peaceful atmostphere and that peace is what we are enjoying today.

“Outside Abuja, Akwa Ibom has the best road network. Our company’s trucks can leave the factory and get to Kano within 72 hours whereas, if the company were to be in Lagos, it won’t get to Ibadan in 72 hours. Look at Ibom Air, I would not have come to this state without Ibom Air.

“In five years, I am predicting that Akwa Ibom will be a totally different place and the majority of the people will not be interested in working with the government but in the companies that are being attracted to the state.

“We are currently employing 270 workers.Not only did we come into this environment, we are also growing. When we compared the scorecard with other states, Akwa Ibom has been recognised as an industrial state to the extent that the headquarters of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has been moved from a neighbouring state to Akwa Ibom in recognition of the industrialisation programme and I have been made the chairman.

“ It must be pointed out that industrialisation is not like building roads, it takes time but the legacies of what the governor has done during his tenure will be felt by the next generation.”

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