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Vaccine Bill: Lawmakers Planning To Deprive Nigerians Of Their Rights – Kalu


PDPYouth Alliance National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Emeka Kalu


By Barnabas Esiet.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has lashed out at the members of House of Representatives for the introduction of a bill that looks like the controversial “Decree 4”  which will sideline the Judiciary and rest absolute power on whoever will head the Health Ministry or become the Director General of National Center for Diesease Control, NCDC.

In a statement, the party’s Youth Alliance National Publicity Secretary, Dr Emeka Kalu, accused the lawmakers of taking advantage of the situation to crate a condition that would suit their ulterior motives.

In his words, “While the world is grappling for solution to Coronavirus pandemic that has bedeviled her, some elements in the world seems to be bent on taking advantage of the very precarious situation to create a wicked condition to suit their ulterior motives without considering its effects to human existence, Nigeria is a case today.”

” One wonders why the overzealousness of the NAS to pass stringent Bills ahead of a disease that is not yet as prevalent as it has been in the western world yet they’re protesting it.” The statement read.

National Assembly.

Kalu expressed fears that if the bill is allowed to sail through, the NCDC will amass too much power to enable it undermine the rights of Nigerians as enshrined in the Constitution.

” While other nations are patiently waiting for cure, the proponents of Bill Gates Vaccine have jump at the fear already created to take away the rights of Nigerians who will either take the vaccine or be arrested because the decision of the Health Minister or DG NCDC will become the law and every medical issue will by then become premeditated crime.” He said.

Kalu appealed to  the lawmakers not to pass the bill as that cold take the country backwards to the military era.

“I call on the Honourable members to, for once, as a matter of honour, retress their steps and save us from this conspiracy to take us back to Era of “Decrees and Executive Orders”.

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