US Pandemic Aid: President Trump Signs Spending Bill, Prevents Government Shutdown

-by our correspondent.

The outgoing United states President, Donald Trump, has signed into law a pandemic aid and spending package worth $2.3 trillion, restoring unemployment benefits to millions of Americans and preventing a possible federal government shutdown that would have put millions of government workers’ incomes at risk.

Trump, whose tenure as president expires on January 20, after losing November’s poll to President-elect Joe Biden, rescinded his earlier threat to block the bill after he came under intense pressure from lawmakers.

President Trump, had insisted that Congress adjust to increase the size of stimulus checks for struggling Americans to $2,000 from $600 and cut some spending.

The package includes $1.4 trillion in spending to fund government agencies.

Many economists agree that the financial aid in the bill should be higher to get the economy moving again but Democrats approve the $2,000 payments even as many Republicans have opposed it in the past.


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