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The Harmful Effect Of Anger – By The Nature Nurse

It is a Normal Emotional Response for one to get Mildly Irritated or Angry at certain times.

However, Health reports, Eastern medical perspectives and Scientific data have all demonstrated that suppressed or out of control anger can cause damage to the liver.

Are you surprised😲😲 to hear this? Well, This is Actually True ….

For those already living with liver disease, knowing about this association would be extremely useful to you .

By finding healthful ways to release and/or deal with this emotion, people with liver disease can help prevent further liver damage resulting from unhealthy types of anger.

And to those Who constantly burst out in anger, Always Temperamental, You can learn more Healthy Ways to deal with your Emotions so you can protect your Liver.

The Next Time you are Tempted to Explode with Anger , Remember Your Liver …

‘E no get as you vex reach , or boil with anger wey your anger fit boil Water…. You are only Harming Yourself….’

The Bible at Psalms 37:8 says ;
“Let go of anger and abandon rage
Do not become upset and turn to doing evil”

May we have this at the back of our minds as we go about our daily activities…

I remain Mrs Helen Omotayo

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