Promoting Safe Navigation: MOWCA Secretary General, Adalikwu Receives Support from Sierra Leonean Government

Dr. Paul Adalikwu, the Secretary General of the Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa (MOWCA), has garnered additional support from the government of Sierra Leone in the organization’s efforts to enhance maritime safety and reduce accidents in West and Central Africa.

During his visit to Freetown, Dr. Adalikwu met with Sierra Leone’s Minister of Transport and Aviation, Ambassador Fanday Turay, to discuss MOWCA’s concerns regarding marine accidents involving various watercrafts.

He emphasized the importance of adhering to safety measures to prevent such accidents, which often result in loss of lives and investments.

Dr. Adalikwu extended an invitation to Sierra Leone to participate in a regional workshop on the safety of inland waterways and passenger ferries in West and Central Africa, scheduled to take place in Libreville, Gabon in July 2024.

The workshop, organized in collaboration with the IMO and IMRF, aims to provide training and capacity building for operators in the region.

Highlighting a tragic boat accident in Gabon in 2023, Dr. Adalikwu stressed the need for proper training of operators to prevent such incidents.

He also announced the offer of maritime training scholarships to ten Sierra Leonean youths at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.

The workshop will focus on basic safety measures aligned with international standards such as SOLAS and STCW, tailored for inland waterways.

Dr. Adalikwu emphasized the importance of regulating water transportation to ensure passenger safety and prevent commercial losses.

Ambassador Fanday Turay expressed gratitude for the support from MOWCA and commended Dr. Adalikwu for his efforts in revitalizing the organization.

He assured of Sierra Leone’s commitment to improving maritime safety and cooperation with international bodies.

Dr. Adalikwu’s visit included discussions with Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Kadiatu Allie, to explore further financial support for MOWCA.

The collaboration between MOWCA and Sierra Leone reflects a shared commitment to promoting safe navigation and reducing maritime accidents in the region.


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