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Online Vendors And Hidden Price Tags – By The Nature Nurse

“DM FOR PRICE”! This is one statement I really do not like seeing. Personally, seeing such on a vendors page, turns me off immediately and I simply check someone else…

When you go to a store like ShopRite, with the intention of spending just 10,000 naira, you would agree with me, that the price tags on the shelves makes it EASIER for you to achieve this…

Now let us stop to imagine that there are no price tags on the shelves and you have to start taking one item after another, walk to the payment point to inquire of the price , then back again to the shelves to either drop the item because it is above your budget, or take more item as you still have some monies left. How STRESSFUL would this be?

Hiding your Prices online is like Covering Shelf Tags in a Store…

I must say, that it doesn’t make sense to STRESS your customers just because they want to buy from you… You don’t need to make them work harder for anything…

In this time and age, Customers Demand Clarity, Transparency and an Easy Going Transaction.

If you are an Online Vendor, Selling via Social Media, you need to be an Opened Book. If people have the impression that you are not being transparent, it is bad business for you ….

Someone should be able to see your price tag and decide immediately whether to message you or not …

This is why some of you vendors complain that people message you, asking you for prices and next thing they tell you is, they will get back to you… Or some of you say, they will stress you with questions and will still tell you , “I will get back to you”

Yes, they tell you this because, having heard your price via inbox, it is something that is way above their budget . So, they may decide to save up for the item and come back later. However, they may see same item, same quality, cheaper elsewhere and wont have to come back to you..

But if they had seen the price upfront, they probably won’t bother messaging you in the first place.

Yes, they have to stress you with questions because they may have seen 5 items they love on your page and they have to message you to start inquiring of each of the prices, then they also will bargain for each item, if the prices is way above their expectations, and at the end of the day, your final price to them isn’t what they can afford at that time, they will give you that response….

I observed that Some vendors do this out of Dishonesty. They want to be able to “size people up” as it were, and know who to tell 10,000 naira , or who to tell 3000 naira for an item that cost 1000.

This is Highly Deceptive… Your price should be a price for all, whether a Rich customer, or a Poor Customer…

So, Dear Online Vendors, Hiding Your Prices is a BIG TURN OFF for ONLINE SHOPPERS, and a BAD MARKETING STRATEGY….

Please, Attach Prices to Your Products..

I remain Mrs Helen Omotayo

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