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Money Transfer: Ecobank Group Partners Small World Financial Services

Leading international money transfer provider Small World Financial Services (Small World), has signed a partnership deal with the leading Pan-African banking group, Ecobank, based in Lomé, Togo.

In a statement Ecobank said the agreement combines the strengths and assets of both organisations to offer money transfer services to Africans in the diaspora. “This is an exciting development for both Small World and the Ecobank Group as Small World can continue to grow its global customer base as well as its 250,000 pick-up locations, while Ecobank, with its footprint across 33 African countries can further expand its remittance reach within African communities across Europe and other parts of the world.”

Ecobank Group Consumer Banking Head, Nana Abban

“Small World customers will be able to access the unparalleled Ecobank Africa -wide network in three ways: Direct transfer to Bank accounts, mobile wallet; and cash pick up at any Ecobank location. This partnership will further financial inclusion in Africa as Ecobank will make available the Ecobank Xpress Account (a mobile based bank account developed for the unbanked and under-banked) for the recipients of remittances sent by Small World Financial Services’ customers.” The statement read.

The Chief Executive and Founder of Small World, Nick Day, relishes the partnership with Ecobank noting that it is a leading bank in Africa with over 50,000locations in the region. “This means our global customers get access to even more ways to send money home to African countries. Importantly, Ecobank shares our commitment in delivering great customer service alongside providing fast, affordable and reliable transfers.”

Chief Executive and Founder of Small World, Nick Day

For the Ecobank Group Consumer Banking Head, Nana Abban, the partnership provides a win-win situation as Ecobank can offer banking services to Africans wherever they are on the globe. “We’re proud to offer seamless payments across our vast borderless network in Africa. At Ecobank, we value partnerships, such as this, that enable Africans in the diaspora to remit money affordably and conveniently.”

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