French Election: Macron Loses Absolute Majority In Parliament

French President, Emmanuel Macron

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has lost control of the National Assembly following the outcome of legislative elections on Sunday.

Analysts consider the election result as a major obstacle that could slow down government activities in the country until he is able to negotiate coalitions with rival parties.

Reuters report that Macron’s moderate coalition, which seeks to raise the retirement age and further deepen EU integration, was on its way to clinch the highest seats in the election but could be well short of the absolute majority needed to control parliament, as near-final results indicated.

According to the rep[ort, a broad left-wing alliance was set to be the biggest opposition group, while the far-right scored record-high wins and the conservatives were likely to become kingmakers.

Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, said the result of the election was a “democratic shock” and added that if other blocs did not cooperate, “this would block our capacity to reform and protect the French.”

“The result is a risk for our country in view of the challenges we have to face,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said, while adding that from Monday on, Macron’s camp will work to seek alliances.

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