Fixed Income Securities: NSE Revises Trading Fee to 0.0005% (N5 per million)

CEO, NSE, Oscar Onyema

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has announced adjustments to its Fixed Income Securities market segment as well as the benefits attached to trade execution on its platform.

In a statement, NSE said the fee adjustment is part of its liquidity-enhancing efforts after the expiration of a trading fee moratorium introduced in August 2016 to stimulate activities and liquidity in the fixed income market.

“Following the end of the 4-year Fixed Income Securities Trading Fee moratorium, the Exchange has now received the regulatory approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission to revise its fee structure; the revised fees will become effective on 5 October 2020.The statement read.

Under this revised fee structure, The Exchange will charge 0.0005% (N5 per million) on debt instruments traded on its platform.

The NSE offers a hybrid market for the execution of quote and order-driven transactions providing dealers as well as institutional and retail investors access to increased liquidity in Fixed Income Securities.

According to the statement, investors trading via the NSE platform can also enjoy access to diverse listed debt instruments including Federal Government, State Government, Corporates, Supranational and Retail Savings Bonds.

“The NSE trading infrastructure provides investors with integrated straight-through trading and post-trade process that supports efficient execution without any trade failures across all asset classes including Fixed Income Securities.”

The Burse reiterated its commitment to providing investors and businesses a reliable, efficient and adaptable exchange hub in Africa, to save and to access capital.

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