Federal Controller of Works Lied About Complete Rehabilitation of Opo Malu Road – Tracka

Tracks has debunked a recent statement issued by the Federal Controller of Works, Oyo State, Kayode Ibrahim, denying it’s earlier report of payments made for uncompleted projects.

Recall that Tracka issued a statement calling out the payment of N8.6 billion to twenty-six contractors for 19 projects that have either been abandoned or uncompleted, which was covered in the 2022 Project Tracking Report themed “Empowering Communities for Economic Growth.”

In the statement, Tracka highlighted the payment of N400 million to Laralek Ultimate Ltd in March 2023, under the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing…

For the Limited Rehabilitation of Opo Malu Road, Saki, Oyo State, stating that the contractor for the project never reported to the site as at the time of publication.

According to Tracka, the project was monitored in August 2023 and the status reconfirmed in September 2023 before releasing the statement.

In the rebuttal, Ibrahim challenged Tracka findings stating that the uncompleted project, as mentioned in the report, had been executed as specified.

He claimed that Opo Malu Road “traverses eleven communities beginning from Opo Malu Junction through Orogun Road to Isale Adini in Saki” and that the project has been implemented in some sections of the quoted areas.

However, Tracka says Ibrahim’s claim is misleading because Opo Malu Road, Saki, is a stretch of 2km road.

According to Tracka, in the rebuttal, “Kayode Ibrahim has tacitly confessed to diverting the project to a different location, violating the award contract.

“Tracka has collected overwhelming evidence that the road still lies unattended by the contractor to date.

“We re-visited Opo Malu Road again on Friday, November 10, 2023, to record the latest situation of the road.

“Unfortunately, the 2km road was still as we met it when we visited in August, and in a worse state, with residents and commuters plying the road we’re angry and decried Kayode Ibrahim’s claims that the road has been fixed.

“We made a video of the 2km road as recorded on Friday, November 10, 2023, and clips of Opo Malu community leaders in an interview by iTV Online, an independent media outfit, on Saturday, November 11, 2023.
“We restate categorically that the road is yet to be fixed, contrary to what Kayode Ibrahim claims.

“Tracka has no interest in going back and forth with contractors or agencies. What we demand is the quality execution of funded public projects.

“This road is a critical connection to other communities in Saki, and its implementation will significantly improve community members’ economic and physical well-being.

“We use this medium to frown against Kayode Ibrahim and any other government agent’s continuous harassment of our staff.

“We are a civil society organization working for the interest of the citizens and ensuring taxpayers’ money works for the good of all. We equally call on the federal anti-corruption agencies—EFCC and ICPC to look into and get to the bottom of this matter.

“Tracka’s 2022 project tracking report can be downloaded here:

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