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Be Thankful For Life – by Nature Nurse

If you cannot be Grateful, Thankful and Happy for what you have now, Even when you have more, happiness isn’t guaranteed… Even when you have more, you will keep complaining….

“The Person Faithful in what is least, is Faithful Also in much… Luke 16:10

The person Unrighteous in what is least, is Unrighteous also in much”…

No matter What it is you are going through, there will always be something to be Thankful for. Find that thing and find Happiness in it.

You are going through a Hard Time, No source of income, You got debts to pay, You got responsibilities to carry , you feel like your whole world is about to crash , You Want to End it once and for all…

Before you do, remember that you are ALIVE!! That same life some persons no longer have, that same life some persons are battling with, due to terminal illnesses…. Why not Be Thankful For Life and keep hoping, praying and making efforts….

You are married for years now but no child , Remember that there are women who are not yet married, some already in their 40’s  and have been praying for a man to call husband …  Why not be Thankful for being married and keep praying for a child….

You have a business but sales are not adding up as expected, before you give up, remember that there are those who desire to own that Same business you run but are not able to afford it… Be Thankful…

If there is anything I FIRMLY hold on to, it is the POWER of GRATITUDE…. Showing Myself THANKFUL no matter the ROUGH Paths I go through….

I might be going through the Worst of STORMS, but others will have no idea of my ordeals because I find strength in that to be Thankful for , find my Happiness in it and move on..

When you Show yourself Thankful, You OPEN DOORS of BLESSINGS.. It is a SECRET some of us are yet to discover and so I am sharing it today….

Consider this: You are a Father and have Two Children. You are going through a rough path but still manage to make provisions for your children to eat.

Now your wife was able to make a little soup but no meat. Your first child sees it and begins to complain, no appreciation, no gratitude for the provisions, and GRUDGINGLY! Eats the food.

But the second son says “Thank You Mummy and Daddy For Making This Possible, I appreciate it” and he goes ahead to eat it HAPPILY!

When the Two Sons Have a Reason to Speak Outside, either among Friends and others , all The First Son does is talk about the challenges in his home , how they can hardly eat well at home, how his parents can hardly provide for him , how he eats meals without meat or fish and so on….

But the Second Son Talks About how Proud he is of his parents , despite their challenges, the parents ensures they get something to eat , he talks about how his parents will even starve just to be sure they as children are okay ….

If you were the Father, Who Will You Be Drawn To among the Two Sons?

Even though you will not Hate the First Son, the TRUTH, however, is you will be Drawn more to your Second Son who appreciates all you do. And some Fathers Would Go an Extra Mile for such a son.

Sadly some of us are like the First Son, but we can make a change

YES! There is POWER in showing yourself THANKFUL!

If You Think There Is Nothing To Be Thankful For In Your Life, Then Think Again…..

Yes! Even in your troubles, there is something to be Thankful For…

I hope this speaks to someone today…..

May we have a day filled with Positivity…


©️ Helen Omotayo


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