AltBank, Sterling One Foundation and Lagos Foodbank Join Forces to Alleviate Hunger in Nigerian Communities.

AltBank, Sterling One Foundation, and Lagos Foodbank have entered into partnership to combat hunger in Nigerian communities and implement educational initiatives.

This collaboration aligns with the theme of the African Union Summit 2024, “Educate and Skill Africa for the 21st Century.”

Hassan Yusuf, the Managing Director of The Alternative Bank, announced this partnership in a press release, highlighting the upcoming AltWalk event as a key fundraising opportunity.

“Our goal is to gather contributions from various stakeholders to support education and societal welfare,” Yusuf stated.

The fundraising campaign aims to raise N20 million, with the funds being used to provide meals for underserved communities and orphanages through the Lagos FoodBank initiative, as well as to support educational programs through the Sterling One Foundation.

Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations interested in ending hunger, improving education, and making a positive impact on society are encouraged to donate through

Yusuf emphasized AltBank’s commitment to empowering customers through innovative solutions in health, food security, and education, with a focus on preparing them for success in the 21st century.

He highlighted education as a key component of the bank’s mission to strengthen the economy and improve financial well-being across society.

AltBank, Nigeria’s newest financial services provider, made a splash with launch events in Lagos, Abuja, and Kano, marking the country’s first multi-city brand launch.

As the ethical banking arm of Sterling Financial Holdings, AltBank has become a major player in Nigeria’s non-interest banking sector.

Lagos FoodBank is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting hunger, reducing food waste, and addressing malnutrition in vulnerable populations.

Sterling One Foundation focuses on creating positive social impact in critical sectors of the Nigerian economy, aiming to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and improve the standard of living for underserved communities.

Through this collaboration, AltBank, Sterling One Foundation, and Lagos Foodbank are working together to make a difference in the lives of those in need and create a brighter future for all Nigerians.

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