2023: At last, Senator Agege Rejects Ibori as Political Godfather

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

In a recent interview granted BBC Pidgin, the governorship candidate of opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, in Delta State, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, finally disassociated himself from his political godfather and former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori.

When asked by the female journalist “who be your political godfather?” Agege responded by saying that “God is my political godfather,” not Chief James Ibori who helped him to rise politically in Delta State.

Ibori opened Agege’s political page in Delta politics from the scratch, and gave him all the necessary support to become a state actor and member of the state executive council. How time flies? Agege is now a big boy, big enough to say that Ibori is no longer his godfather. This is not happening!

Before now, Senator Agege openly declared in several public functions that Chief Ibori will forever remain his political godfather, no matter the circumstances, irrespective of political divide.

As you read this piece, Agege has publicly walk back his promise and renounced his membership of Ibori Political Dynasty, IPD, where he once held sway as the big boy of Delta politics.

Not too long ago and before the party primaries, Agege reaffirmed his political loyalty to Chief James Ibori, at the burial ceremony of the late father of Olorogun David Edevbie in Afiesere.

I have it on tape, he consistently referred to Ibori as his national leader and political godfather, and got standing ovation each time he referred to Ibori as his godfather.

The question is; what has gone wrong between Agege and his political godfather, at a time some political sons and daughters of Chief Ibori defected to APC to support the foreseeable failed governorship ambition of the mace runner and client signature forger?

The answer is simple. Senator Agege is very unstable, always ungrateful and ready to betray anybody for a morsel of bread. He is the Grand Master of Unscrupulous Enterprise.

I am pretty sure that our highly respected leader, Chief Ibori will feel betrayed and disgusted by Agege’s sudden disloyalty and gross misconduct.

Ibori, it was, who personally ensured that Agege survived economically after he was barred from practicing law in America, as a result of grave professional misconduct of client signature forgery and perjury, he lied on Oath.

He appointed Agege as Executive Assistant, made him a Commissioner and Secretary to Delta State Government, all in a roll, back to back. Agege has moved on, Ibori is no longer his political godfather.

Senator Agege must be told that God is not a member of APC, the party that ruined Nigeria’s economy and imposed acute insecurity and poverty on His children. God cannot and will not be a political godfather to Agege who stole mace at the National Assembly, forged his client signature, stoke Delta State monies as SSG and lied on Oath on countless occasions.

Therefore, Agege does not have a political godfather; not God, not Ibori. You are simply a godfather to yourself, a despotic individual and a grand master of unscrupulous enterprise with excessive negative leadership traits.

How would Chief Ibori’s political sons and daughters who defected to APC feel right now that our leader, Chief Ibori has been openly demarketed by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege because of his selfish personal interest to be governor? How on earth would Agege say that Ibori is no longer his political godfather? Who does that?

Anyways, Deltans are already aware that Senator Agege is a consistent betrayal and very unstable in all his ways. This time, he went too far by publicly disassociating himself from his greatest political benefactor, Chief James Ibori, the Odidigborigbo of the Universe.

What gains will denying Ibori bring to Agege, going forward? He shot himself in the leg. His dead governorship ambition just got a boost at Orogun public cemetery.

March 11, is obviously a walkover for PDP and the excessive local content incoming governor of Delta State, Sheriff Francis Oborevwori.

Congratulations to PDP, congratulations to Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, JP. To God be the Glory!

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